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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all Mom’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day.



Beauty Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

I don’t know about you, but 2013 is simply flying by.  All of a sudden it’s May and Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  As a mother myself, I personally love the handmade cards and crafts my children make in school for Mother’s Day gifts.  I know they put so much love into those crafts and they are so proud of them.  Looking back on my childhood, I’m sure I did the same thing.  But once I got older, I really enjoyed buying gifts for my Mom.  There was something about getting Mom that perfect gift (on my very small babysitting income).  And with 4 children, my Mom did so much for us.  Keeping up with our school work, afternoon activities, volunteering for various kid teams and organizations and ALL that driving!  In my eyes, she was truly Superwoman.

This picture says it all.  My Mom feeding two children and reading the newspaper.  I'm in the highchair.

This picture says it all. My Mom feeding two children and reading the newspaper. I’m in the highchair.

For everything that Mom does for us, the least we can do is take the time to thank them one day a year.  A Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to break the bank.  My brothers and I used to chip in and buy one gift.  After all, it truly is the thought that counts.  Here are some beauty gift ideas to pamper your Mom this Mother’s Day.

For the traditionalist – A gift set of Mom’s favorite fragrance

For the DIYer – Put together a bath set of bubbles, bath gel, lotion and a cooling eye gel mask wrapped up in a pretty basket.

For the adventurous – Subscribe Mom to a beauty box subscription so she can try out new beauty products all year long.  For reviews on beauty boxes visit Must Have Boxes.

For ultimate pampering – You can never go wrong with a gift certificate for beauty services such as:

  • Manicure/pedicure and include a new nail polish or hand cream with the card

  • Facial or massage – check out your local beauty school for deeply discounted services

  • A professional blowout at salons like Dry Bar

So spoil Mom this Sunday, let her sleep in, give her some time to kick her feet up and (most importantly) love on her!

Giving Back

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge influence my Mom had on me.  Besides being an amazing role model, she fostered my love of beauty.  On our trips to the cosmetic counter, she taught me that there was no problem that a new lipstick or nail polish couldn’t solve.  I used to watch her morning ritual in awe…the bright eye shadows & liners, her blond eyelashes suddenly appearing with a stroke of mascara, heavy blush and bold lips.  In 2004, after a long two year battle, I lost her to lung cancer.  Not only did I lose my Mom, I lost my best friend, confidant, mentor and future grandmother.  And because of her, I was exposed and led to the industry that would ultimately become my career.  In honor of my Mom, a portion of every sale will be donated to lung cancer research to help accelerate the discovery of a cure.

My Mom, Karin

During my Mom’s treatment, I really didn’t know much about lung cancer.  The cancers I knew the most about were breast cancer and prostate cancer because they have wonderful organizations that have done a great job at raising awareness.  At the time, I was focused on what she was going through and had no idea the odds against her, and that was probably for the best.  It wasn’t until after she passed that I took a closer look and started doing my own research.  November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month so I thought I would take this time to pass along the information I have learned.  Lung cancer does not get a lot of publicity and as a result is often misunderstood.  The following are the facts about lung cancer as reported by the National Lung Cancer Partnership.

  • Each year, approximately 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the U.S.
  • Lung cancer takes more lives than breast, prostate, and colon cancers combined; it accounts for nearly 30% of all cancer deaths
  • The 5 year survival rate for lung cancer is 16% while breast cancer is 89% and prostate cancer is almost 100%
  • Only 15% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed before they spread.  Both breast and prostate cancer patients are diagnosed much earlier, 60% and 82% respectively, before they spread.
  • $1,490 is spent on federal research funding per lung cancer death while each breast cancer death receives $21,641 and prostate cancer death receives $10,795.

A wonderful resource I have found is the National Lung Cancer Partnership.  They are the only lung cancer advocacy organization founded by doctors and researchers working together with survivors and advocates to increase lung cancer awareness and research funding.  What I respect most about the Partnership is that they follow a peer-review system for all grant applications.  That means that each grant application is evaluated by expert scientists in relevant scientific disciplines and research areas.  In other words, they don’t just give anyone money for research.   Only those research programs and scientists who are making groundbreaking advances receive money so they can take their research to the next level.

Because of the sheer volume of people diagnosed with lung cancer each year, we all know someone who has been affected by it.  Please join me in raising awareness today and every day.  Do it for the Mom’s and Dad’s out there who are the inspiration for their children’s future.  May we find a cure so that they can live to see their children’s dreams come true.

For more information about lung cancer, how donate, volunteer, or find an event to participate in, please visit The National Lung Cancer Partnership at  The Partnership has been ranked as a four-star charity by Charity Navigator.