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Product Review: La Fresh Travel Lite® Polish Remover Pads

The other day, I noticed how bad my manicure was looking. Even with a forgiving neutral color, it was embarrassing. But I didn’t have time for a new mani. Luckily, I remembered I had a La Fresh Travel Lite® Polish Remover Pad that I had received in a beauty box one month. I grabbed one as I headed out the door.

When I knew I had a few minutes to spare, I pulled out the wipe and removed my nail polish. I think it took all of 60 seconds. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked. The whole cotton ball and remover combo always seems to take a lot of more effort. There was plenty of remover to do all 10 nails. I didn’t try it but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could do all 10 toes on top of that. The polish remover is formulated with aloe and Vitamin E and I could tell immediately that it was a lot gentler on my nails. These wipes don’t dry out your nail or cuticle like straight acetone does. La Fresh also has an acetone-free polish remover pad that is described as “gorgeously fragranced.” I may have to try those as well as the original formula has a potent smell which I didn’t mind, but if you are using these on the go, the odor could be offensive to others around you.

La Fresh to the rescue!

La Fresh to the rescue!

So, just as I have nail files stashed all over the place, these little packets are going everywhere else, too. Available at – 3 packets for $2.49


A Fast Beauty Fix and Reflections on My Beauty “Personality”

It’s funny how my beauty “personality” has changed over the years. What is a beauty personality? It is simply how we view and respond towards our appearance. There are some who go for the natural look with little to no makeup and others that wear a full face of makeup every day. Some women focus on their hair more than their face and there are people like me who are more concerned with skin care than cosmetics. I have noticed that some parts of my beauty personality has changed as I’ve gotten older. Specifically, I’m talking about nails. When I was young I wanted the long, painted nails my Mom had. She had the longest real nails I knew. And they were as hard as nails (sorry, had to do it!). Not at all like mine which were much softer. I’d try to grow them out and just when I thought they were getting to the right length, I’d pick something up and wind up with a broken nail.

My life is just too crazy to be worried about a broken nail or chipped polish. Nowadays, shorter is better for me. I always know when it’s time to trim them when I start making a lot of typing errors. That’s my indicator. Oh, and I rarely paint them, but I’m trying to get better about that. After all, I believe that pretty polished tips truly makes a women look pulled together.

As I was typing away this afternoon I noticed it. I had to use the backspace key way too much. It’s time for a mani. And I didn’t have time to stop at a nail shop and get one (though I wish I did). So tonight, after the kids were put to bed, I raced to my bathroom to do a speedy mani. Trim, push back cuticles, buff, polish and done! I have embraced the fact that they don’t have to be perfect. Note that neutral polishes are much more forgiving than bold colors which is probably why the majority of my nail polishes are some variation of a pinky-nude.

All you need for a quick manicure

All you need for a quick manicure

I really do need to polish my nails more often. I always love the way they look.

Fast manicure

I love a pretty neutral – Revlon Blushed

Have you noticed a change in your beauty personality?

Color (of the year) Me Impressed

While I do love all things beauty, skin care and makeup are what I tend to focus on.  My entire life, with the exception of one shaggy Jane Fonda hair cut when I was 3, I have had very long hair.  I love long hair.  Wear it up, down, curl it, braid it, etc.  There are so many options.  But honestly, I don’t do much with my hair because I don’t like spending lots of time on it.  The same can be said for nails.  I do think it’s important to take care of your nails but I rarely polish them (even though I have a ton of nail polishes).  For me, it’s the drying time.  It’s not often that I know I have time to apply a base coat, 2 coats of polish and top coat AND give it sufficient time to dry.  When I was younger and painted my nails more often, I used to do them at night and wake up with the dreaded creases from my sheets.  Bleh.

This year, Sephora has once again teamed up with Pantone to select a color of the year.  For 2013, the color is emerald and what a pretty color it is.  I have been playing around more with bright eyeliners so I had bought a green metallic that is very pretty.  But I thought I should try something in the color of the year.  Brightly colored and embellished nails have been so hot so I thought, why not try the nail polish.  So, I bought it and it sat in my bathroom.  I actually applied it to my daughter’s nails before I found some time to paint my own.

Sephora's color of the year - Emerald

Sephora’s color of the year – Emerald

Both kids were down for their nap and I raced to the bathroom and started painting away with the hopes that they would be fairly dry before naptime was over. The color is very pretty and though a little shocking for me, I really liked it.  I am usually a traditionalist when it comes to nails opting for nude or red, and leave wild and crazy for the toes.  But what was most unexpected to me about this nail polish was how well it wore.  This photo is 5 days after I first applied the polish.  I am hard on my nails and I can never get 5 days out of a manicure.  And, I didn’t even put a top coat on because I was afraid I was pushing my luck with getting 3 coats to dry.

This is day 5 of my manicure and the polish still looks great

This is day 5 of my manicure and the polish still looks great

This is the first time I’ve tried a Sephora nail polish and with how well it last, I will definitely be trying out more colors.

Fancy packaging just for this little bottle of nail polish

Fancy packaging just for this little bottle of nail polish