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Snowed In and the Power of (a little) Makeup

It’s hard to believe that about three weeks ago, the weather in the Atlanta area wreaked havoc for pretty much everyone. With a prediction of snow and ice, many people, myself included, didn’t think the outcome would be as bad as it was. Besides the fact that the South is generally not prepared for such conditions, Atlanta is a very hilly city. Add ice and freezing temperatures and it was nearly impossible to get around. You may have seen some pictures of the crazy traffic in the news.

Snow Jam 2014 Traffic

Snow Jam 2014 Traffic

My children’s school was cancelled for three days.

But thanks to technology, my husband and I were still able to work. For three days it was nice to just hop on my laptop and work from the comfort of my home. Being stuck in the house meant I worked outfitted in a sweatshirt, velour pants and my cozy boots.

It was wonderful to be all comfy.

Once the weekend came, the weather warmed up and the last of the ice melted away. I realized it was time to put on some decent clothes and a little makeup and look presentable for the first time in days. While it was nice to be comfy and makeup-free, it kind of made me feel lazy and blah. A pulled together outfit, even if it’s just a pair of jeans and a nice top is enough to make you feel dressed. Add some essential makeup (enough for the no makeup look) and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I looked in the mirror and thought, wow – what a difference that made (which is funny because I usually wear more than that on a typical day). All of a sudden my spirits lifted. I was excited to finally be getting out of the house and getting things done. The blahs were gone and I felt ready to take the day on. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t take much to pull yourself together and look great. And when you do, you will find that your attitude changes.

Snow storm

Snow 2014 Part 2 – So pretty to wake up to this

Now that I have realized the negative effects of letting myself go for a few days, I am happy to say I got a chance for a do over. Last week, we had another major winter storm. Fortunately, because we had just experienced a bad storm two weeks earlier, everyone was much better prepared. I knew I would be working at least a couple days from home. On that first day, I still worked in my comfy clothes but took a few minutes to put on some makeup before I came downstairs to start the day. What a difference that made! I felt more put together and alive. The tone for the day was set. Even if we were stuck inside, I was still able to be productive at my job and for my family. The blahs were gone.

After that, it was easy to put a little makeup on each morning even though I knew I wasn’t leaving the house. And when I say little, all I did was use some BB cream, blush, neutral eye shadow, a touch of eyeliner and mascara. No lipstick, just my beloved lip balm. It took less than five minutes.

We have enough challenges each day with work, family, pets, crazy schedules, etc. Taking some time (and by time, I mean minutes) is all it takes to put you in a positive mood. There is so much we can’t control. At least we have the ability to put our best face forward every day.

Last week was a great example of what I like to call the Look.Feel.Be.® phenomenon. That is, when you look good, you feel good and feeling good gives you the confidence to be your best. I experienced it first-hand how just a few minutes to take care of my appearance affected me on a psychological level. There is more to lipstick than just adding color to your lips. Besides brightening your beautiful face, it gives life to our soul.

I want you to be the best YOU. And there is no better time than today to start. Tell me your story how making a small change to your appearance created a positive energy in you.