Are You a Beauty Junkie? Join the Club

When it comes to beauty, can you ever get enough? If you ask Leyna Juliet Weber, she would answer with a resounding, “No!” As the founder of Product Whore, Leyna shares her passion of all things beauty and wants to create a community of like-minded beauty enthusiasts to discuss, review and promote beauty products. Earlier this month, Product Whore launched their website to do just that.

Leyna, founder of Product Whore photo courtesy of

Leyna, founder of Product Whore
photo courtesy of

Leyna loves many of the same cult classics as the rest of us, but with Product Whore she wanted to focus on new products from little known indie brands. While everyone has their favorite mass market products, Leyna acknowledges that there are plenty of small up and coming brands with beauty products just as effective (if not better!) as the big companies. And she is helping to spread the word about these amazing brands.

At Product Whore, you can peruse product reviews, check out Leyna’s must-have lists and learn how these indie brands came to be. Trust me, you will love this site. The witty reviews are straight-forward and fun to read. You will be hard-pressed to read through one of her lists and not feel to urge to pull out your credit card and start shopping. So, go visit the website, like their Facebook page and enjoy being in the company of other product whores.


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