Ulta’s 13 Piece GWP Available Now

Nothing gets a beauty junkie more excited about shopping for beauty than getting free products in the process. I was going to buy that lipstick and blush anyway but you want to give me a bag of more makeup and skin care, too? Yes, please. Starting last week, Ulta’s gift with purchase promotion began. Valued at $88, this freebie contains everything you need to put on a pretty face. And I mean everything.

The chic quilted makeup bag is available in your choice of a bronze or berry color and comes filled with not one but two eyeshadow quads, double-ended eyeliner (brown and black), mascara, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, a cleanser and 3 makeup brushes. That is intense! Besides picking the makeup bag, you also get to pick one of the eyeshadow quads and the nail polish. And all you have to do is purchase $19.50 worth of Ulta makeup, nail polish, skincare, and/or brushes to get the gift. But hurry to your nearest Ulta as this offer ends August 31st.

Photo credit:  Ulta

Photo credit: Ulta


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