It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is here and you know what that means – Spring cleaning!  It’s time to organize our closets and do a deep cleaning of our homes.  When it comes to cleaning out your beauty products, one thing is for sure, you shouldn’t wait until Spring.  Your bathroom cabinets and drawers should be cleaned out on a regular basis.  Most important is throwing out old or expired beauty products and toiletries.  And when you’re a beauty junkie like me, you find that you have a lot of beauty products.  Lipsticks, eye shadows, moisturizers and on and on – sadly, they don’t last forever and that’s when it’s time to clean house.

Even though there is not an exact expiration date on beauty products, over time these products will breakdown.  For the sake of your health, you should be throwing out old products on a regular basis (that is if you haven’t already used it up!).  Here is a good rule of thumb on the life expectancy of most products:

Cleansers – 6 months
Moisturizers – 6 months
Sunscreens or any product with a SPF – up to 1 year
Facial treatments & eye products (acne, anti-aging, etc) – in a jar up to 1 year, in a pump up to 2 years
Foundation, liquid concealer, powder – 6 – 12 months
Stick concealer – up to 2 years
Mineral makeup – up to 2 years
Powder Blush – up to 2 years
Cream blush – up to 1 year
Eyeshadow – 3 months
Lip Liners – 1 year
Eye liner – 3 months
Mascara – 3 months
Lipsticks & lip gloss – up to 1 year

Generally, most products are formulated to have a shelf life of 2 years.  But some products, such as mascara should absolutely be chucked after 3 months to avoid the possibility of bacteria growing in tube and coming in contact with your eye.  Some manufacturers specify how long the product is good on their packaging.  Look carefully at the box and you may see an icon, like the one pictured below.  This shows that the product is good for 24 months.


But how’s a girl going to remember when it’s time to dump when you’ve got a ton of products in the boudoir?  Check out my nifty trick.  When I open a new product, I take a little sticker and a marker, write the date I opened the product and apply the sticker on the product.  Voila!  Now you don’t have to remember.  I recommend going through your products every 1 – 2 months and simply look at the date opened, compare it to the list above and then it’s easy to know whether you can keep it or toss it.


The sticker system

When in doubt, if the product looks or smells funny throw it out.  And be careful with products if you’ve been sick, especially lip products.  You may need to throw them out to avoid getting sick again.

And the nice thing about going through and cleaning house is that you may find it’s time to head back to Sephora and stock back up!


3 responses to “It’s Spring Cleaning Time

  1. That’s a great idea to use stickers!! And the best part is going to Sephora to stock back up lol! 🙂

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